Photoshop Tutorials

- Basic Tools Palette -


1. Basic Tools - Quick Summary of Photoshop’s Tools Palette: gives an excellent quick summary of Photoshop’s Tools palette with a description of each tool’s functions and shortcuts.


2. Basic Tools -  Learn the basics of Photoshop in under 25 Minutes: a good exposure to the functionality and application of Photoshop tools palette.


3. Basic Tools - Cropping - The Marquee and CropTool: everything you've wanted to know about the crop tool allows you to remove portions of an image to create focus or strengthen your composition. This short video cover the different tools and options available to help you to master a very important aspect of working in Photoshop.


4. Basic Tools - Text handling in Photoshop: Text is an often overlooked feature in Photoshop, but many effects are built in. Learn how to work with text in Photoshop from a professional photographer in this free Photoshop tutorial video.


5. Basic Tools - Text Tutorial Using Blending: This tutorial covers the manipulation and customisation of your text in Photoshop cs6.