Photoshop Tutorials

- Colour Correction -

 1. Colour Correction - Colour Correction, Touch ups, and Enhancements:

Colour correction is a lot easier than you think. You just need to know which colours are complimentary (meaning on the opposite end of the colour wheel) and you can use those to cancel out too much of another colour. (If you need a refresher on colour, check out our colour guide.) You also need to be able to spot where colours are the most prominent. This means being able to tell, for example, when red is dominating the light areas of the photo and blue is dominating the dark areas. If you simple applied a blue filter to the entire photo, you'd end up with more neutral highlights—which you want—but a photo that looks too cool because the shadows are overly saturated with blue colour. To recap, you need to pay attention to two major things when colour correcting: which colours are dominating the photograph and which colours aren't, and also where, tonally, those dominating colours exist. This video provide a very good example of the use of colour correction, touch ups, and enhancements.

 2 Midtones Point - Solid Colour - Difference - Threshold - Levels:  Learn how to fix the midtone of your image to always give you a perfect colour correction.