Photoshop Tutorials

- Restoration -

1.  Restoration - Photo Restoration of damaged Pictures: This video can get your started learning just how to go about doing a restoration job. Lots of practice, hone your skills. This video is the most comprehensive and very succesful in showing you the use and application of Photoshop tools.

2.  Restoration - Repair An Old Photo of a damaged Picture: Your memories are important, and deserve to be displayed as best they can. Many people find older photos in boxes, albums, shoes, and they are torn, or folded. These things happen, don't feel bad, just learn how to repair the damage on Phlearn. This video shows, how to repair the border of the photo, and some great ways to blend layers together.

3.  Restoration - How To Restore Old Photos: In this video, I walk you through everything you need to know about restoring and retouching old damaged photographs.

4.  Restoration - Remove scratches and dust in Antique Pictures: How to remove dusts and scratches in Photoshop.